How is the day to day of teenagers addicted to technology?

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How is the day to day of teenagers addicted to technology?

Young people are heavy users of technology. 95% of adolescents in the United States have access to the internet. Of them, almost all (90%) carry out their activity on social networks, and even 78% have their own smartphone.

This is reflected in the data collected by TeenSafe and Gryffin through an illustrated infographic . A compilation that shows how these teenagers have grown up Vietnam Mobile Database with technology in their hands, and it is part of their day to day. From the moment the day begins, their social activity begins to develop. 56% of them already enter Facebook, even before having breakfast. For their part, 27% confess their predilection for Twitter, before any other platform.

However, the image has captivated these young people, to the point that Instagram has been proclaimed as the most popular platform 2.0 among teenagers. Among them, selfies are common, posting their photo with the outfit of the day and, of course, getting followers and positive interactions for the photos they share. In all this activity his inseparable smartphone is present.

On the way to high school, you can’t miss music; for them, in streaming. Once again, their eagerness to share and interact leads them to recommend their favorite songs and artists to their friends.

Messaging and activity 2.0 does not stop even in the classroom. 90% of the messages that are sent between them do not take more than 3 minutes to be read. Instead, technology and connectivity are not only a means to distract these young people, but help them develop their creativity and add a more attractive component to learning.

In fact, 77% of teachers consider the use of digital technology useful in the classroom. Specifically, YouTube is, in addition to a leisure and entertainment video portal, an important source of knowledge. YouTube EDU contains more than 700 thousand videos of high quality educational content that could be used as a complement to the teaching activity.

At lunchtime, Actions 2.0 intensify. Sending messages predominates over the rest (86%), followed by activity on social networks (66%). 79% of teens admit that they constantly check notifications on their smart device.

Likewise, 68% take advantage of the midday to check their email inbox, or search for information online (38%). Only 8% admit that they play with their mobile phone in this time slot. Vine’s microvideos are also important to this segment of the population. Every second no less than 5 vines are created.

After school activity, young people have more free time to continue sharing and conversing with their online contacts. Therefore, the use of messaging services, such as WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, is increasing. 35% of smartphone users admit to using this platform at least once a week. For its part, WhatsApp registers 50 billion daily messages.

It should be noted that these young people Brother Cell Phone List are multiscreen. 72% combine their time in front of the television with the use of their smartphone. A highlight to share your impressions of the programming you are watching on Twitter.

Once in bed, it is time to take stock of the day. For this, Tumblr, the microblogging platform, is an ideal medium to summarize the most significant details of your daily activity. 61% of adolescents regularly use this platform, to which they dedicate an average of 14 minutes a day.

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