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Addition to radio station channels The image above is a statistic from eMarketer showing that people like to listen to podcasts have increased from 44.5% in 2019 to the present, which has increased by 57%, so if any brand wants to make audio content. to communicate to listeners Or want to make a short audio advertisement, try to find a social channel that is suitable for our customer group as well. Examples of audio content production channels Google Podcasts Apple Podcasts Spotify etc. 2 FOMO: Urgent promotion, good promotion that must be bought quickly. Fomo stands for Fear of Missing Out . FOMO, from a marketing standpoint, is a strategy offered to customers whose purpose is to help incite a fear that they are missing out.

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We may have missed something. To increase the chances that the target group does not want to waste the opportunity. And do what the brand wants, such as ordering products, etc. However, FOMO is just a psychology. The FOMO format is not fixed, and Sri Lanka Phone Number each business can invent and adapt it to suit their own advertising campaigns.  with FOMO real-time content in hot topics in society Stories and Live are contents that meet the needs of product promotion. and make reservations during that time Campaign focusing on promotions that cannot be missed. or a special time-limited advertisement It will make the Fomo people make buying decisions faster.

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Example of FOMO Content Image from image above is an example showing a message that says There is only one product left. Make people who are List Provider about to make a purchase decision to pay faster. 3 Fast delivery system, no need to wait long Another factor that influences driving online business is the delivery system. The faster the customer gets the money.

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