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Definitions of little-known terms If you don’t know the meaning of a word or phrase, make sure by looking it up in the newspaper library and in the dictionary. Also, if it is a complex compression term, try to make clear what its meaning is. A misunderstanding, or a confusing message, can lead to a counterproductive situation for your brand. 6.- Statistical or information sources Finding the main source is the way to know if the information you have in hand is true or not. Certify that the primary sources you consult are considere reputable within your sector.

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Although it seems like a reputable page, Wikipedia, being able to be edite by the public, is an option that is not entirely recommende. 7.- Statistics and figures Presenting false or miscalculate data is lethal to your credibility. Always offer the most Macedonia Phone Number List recent information and check that all your calculations and percentages are correct. Verify that the entities or websites that provide statistics are authoritative and reputable. 8.- Superlatives Be careful with expressions like “the best”, “guarante success”, “the most”, “first than”, etc. If this statement cannot be supporte by evidence, provide a clear attribution. If nothing can be done, delete the claim. Honesty reinforces the community’s commitment to your brand.

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Beware of plagiarism Fact-checking is one of the great threats for those who like to appropriate other people’s texts. Duplicate content is a List Provider terrible idea if your goal is to reinforce your authority . Search engines value accurate and factual information for their users. So if your content strategy involves copy/pasting, you’ll likely have a hard time generating traffic. Double check, even if you think everything is OK While it’s good to trust your instincts, you shouldn’t trust them completely. You may think you know how to spell a product name, but you should check it out in case you make a mistake.

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