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Guide for brands that want to buy web traffic on the internet

It is a set of strategi the netherlands phone number format  consist of paying to attract new users to your brand and meet a goal. Among the most common objectives in Digital Marketing are: to publicize your brand, feed a database or sell a specific product. By buying traffic, your pages will receive a greater flow of visitors and your profiles on social the netherlands phone number format networks will have more followers. This will affect your positioning, since the greater the number of visits, the greater the visibility and vice versa.Who do you the netherlands phone number format buy web traffic from? The most popular pages to invest in buying traffic are Google and Facebook, due to the great

scope they have. These have platforms where you can choose your target audience, the design of your ad and the texts and buttons that accompany it. Although the interface is quite friendly and easy to use, the best idea is to have a team of experts in ads and guidelines (also called a performance agency ) so that the strategy works and your investments the netherlands phone number format pay off. Where is web traffic bought? There are a large number of sites where you can buy traffic for your website through ads. The main ones are Google and Facebook. However, there are alternatives such as Linkedin, Twitter the netherlands phone number format and native advertising: Buy web traffic on Facebook and Instagram: Buy web traffic on Google and Youtube: Buy web the netherlands phone number format traffic on Twitter: Buy web traffic on Linkedin: Linkedin Ads Buy web traffic on TikTok

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: Native advertising on Outbrain: outbrain.the netherlands phone number format com/es/ Native advertising in Taboola: Download our Facebook Marketing Guide here. How much is a purchased the netherlands phone number format click of web traffic worth? Generally, ad platforms that sell web traffic clicks often the netherlands phone number format have auction models to define the value on the click. This CPC (cost per click) model was originally the netherlands phone number format created by Google, specifically by the famous economist Hal Varian, and most platforms havethe netherlands phone number format  copied the pricing strategy. In the following video we will tell you how an auction systemthe netherlands phone number format  works to define the value of a paid click in Google: 6 advantages of buying web traffic Buying trafficthe netherlands phone number format  to achieve the goals of your digital strategy can give your brand several benefits, including: list provider Gain authority Buying traffic is a good way to start Digital Marketing and give your brand initial recognition from internet users. Flexible investment

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