Greenpeace video invites you to save the Arctic

Signing, sharing, commenting are actions that can make a difference for our planet according to environmental organizations Santiago, Chile.- In one more action to get people to become aware of our environment, and of how we relate to the Bolivia Mobile Number Database planet in general, Greenpeace uploaded a video to YouTube propaganda that aims to mobilize people to act and save the Arctic.

According to the group, there are two oil companies that endanger the sector, with their excavation plans to get more of the so-called ‘black gold’. As a consequence of this activity, this sector would be damaging animals and life on the planet in general. Those responsible, according to the group, are Gazprom and Shell who have joined forces to continue exploiting and excavating the sector with the authorization of Russian President Vladimir Putin .

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La organización utiliza el video para viralizar el mensaje que incluye una información que pocos conocen, sobre una de las dos empresas a la que acusa de no tener seguridad en sus sistemas, por lo cual el daño al medioambiente que realiza con cada proyecto es enorme. The consequences of this oil-seeking society are related to a new climate change, which will affect the world’s flora and fauna, especially polar bears, along with indigenous populations.

In addition to the video, invitation Greenpeace’s is to sign to oppose the project. If you are interested in knowing a little more about the Phone Number List subject and / or want to adhere to it, you can enter the site Save the Artic . It should be noted that the organization has websites for several countries, in order to support the defense of the natural resources of each nation. You can visit the Chilean here. We share with you this new video of the environmental group.

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