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Google will loan its cameras to those who want to help Street View

Google hopes that hundreds of travelers will want to contribute to making the Street view a more complete service, so it will provide its equipment for users who want to go “backpackers” to the Buy Bangladesh Mobile Number List most remote places on the planet, where cars do not arrive. Do you want to be a volunteer? Here we will tell you how you can do it.

The project, called “Street View Trekker” was recently launched by Google, and is a call to all brave people who want to carry 18 kilos of equipment and explore the world where cars do not arrive, in order to make the journey more complete every day. the service Street View . This team has 15 lenses that shoot at all angles with different time intervals so, if we do not count how uncomfortable it is to carry something so large with you, it is quite easy to help Google .

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The only real requirements to contribute to this great initiative are to be part of a tourism committee, a non-profit organization, a university, a research organization or another third party that may have access and help collect images of hard-to-reach places, Google details in its official statement.

If these explorers do their job well, the Phone Number List multinational company will be saving millions in hiring staff, as well as accelerating a process that takes a long time to complete, since the goal is to make this tool available worldwide. Without a doubt in terms of marketing , it is a great plus for Google, which day by day gains the trust of its public, which seems to be practically the entire virtual world. What do you think of this initiative? Would you be willing to be part of the project?

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