Google Algorithm Update What Changes Does This Core Update Bring?

It is not new news that Google is constantly improving the way its algorithm interprets our searches. This can be beneficial for some webmasters , but it can end up with many sites that are profitable for others. Therefore, in this article I want to talk about the latest update of the Georgia Mobile Database Google algorithm, carried out in May of this year 2020.

Before getting into the matter, I invite you to see the complete Google news in the following link.
Release of the update

This update has been officially launched on May 4, 2020 and according to Google it has been implemented periodically. Like all Google updates, the goal is to improve the user experience by offering more search-friendly results.
What changes does this Core Update bring?

Basically, Google wants to tell us that more and more, its algorithm increases the ability to discern content and know what is most useful for a user . As I have explained on several occasions, the goal of Google is to always show the appropriate content to its users. For this he places great emphasis on the EAT rules.
What are the EAT rules? Georgia Mobile Database

These rules are indicators for Google that the content of a website is of quality for its visitors. It can be translated as Experience, Authority and Trust and they certainly play a very important role in SEO from now on.
User experience:

Google will give priority to those pages that have quality content of a specific subject. That is, niches. The more specific the content of a website, the more likely it is to have a good positioning.

I have already discussed domain authority in many of my articles, which is essential for SEO positioning. In the last update of the Google algorithm it seems that they have emphasized this factor. The importance of having a good backlink strategy is increasing, causing in this case that many social networks, or very old domains have hit a significant boost in the SERPs.

All rumors carry some truth, and in this case we are referring to the security of a web page. Having the security certificate is essential today, and not having one can penalize when positioning. In addition, it is important to have legal pages and comply with the legality of each country in this regard.
How to take advantage of the latest Google algorithm update?

It is difficult to interpret these updates Core that Google handles, however we can be sure that more and more they give importance to the quality and veracity of the content that a website has.

Some actions that can help you benefit from the latest Google algorithm update are:

Keep your legal pages up to date.
Write relevant content that responds to search intent.
Create an internal link structure.
Add hierarchy on your website.
Make sure all content is 100% original.
Answer the quality questions that offers Google .

What do I do if my website was affected by the latest Google algorithm update?

It is complicated, if not impossible, to go against these updates . It is possible that even doing things right, following the guidelines set, your positioning has suffered a significant drop. To say that there are many SEO experts who have gone crazy with this latest update of the Google algorithm, because it has driven the SERPs crazy.

Remember that if your website was affected by Brother Cell Phone List by this update, it may take a few months for it to fully recover. So don’t lose your patience and keep working on it. Take a look at your SEO On page, and try to get quality links that point to your website.

I trust that this article has helped you a little to understand the latest Google algorithm update, as unpredictable as ever.

In my case, I have to say that all my pages have improved, both in terms of traffic and keyword positioning, so I am quite satisfied. But I am always afraid of an algorithm update.

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