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Google Ads: Basic Concepts Every Marketing Manager Should Know

It is important to clarify that there are two types of search results: organic and paid . The first refers to appearing in Google “free” (without paying Google Ads directly), purchase phone number lists it is also known as SEO (Search Engine Optimization); that is to say, “search engine optimization”. The second refers to the ads that we buy from Google to appear in the first positions. Randomly, and depending on the agreement that our website or ad has with the search carried out by the person, it is possible

that ads (from 1 to 4) will appear in the first results or that only organic results appear . It will purchase phone number lists always vary with each search performed. Taking the above into account, studies conducted by Word Stream show that the first 3 search results can get up to 70% clicks ( known as CTR or click-through rate ). When choosing and paying for a word, how can I be the first choice in search engines? (to appear first) Through auctions, Google Ads decides which ads to show, if they are eligible to be served and what their position will be. All the ads, when entering the auction, compete with each other, and each one has a score that only Google knows, on which it is based to make the final decision. The one with the highest ranking appears in the first position of the search engine; the next, the second, and so on. It is highly

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likely that the ad that is best placed in the auction ranking will be the first thing you see when Google returns its search results; However, it is important to purchase phone number lists understand that the position of the ad will not always coincide with the order in which the purchase phone number lists results appear in the search engine; that is, the position “one” is not necessarily above the organic results. Some GMB tabs or list provider Google responses may be the first thing to come up. In conclusion, there is no way to appear 100% of the time in the first position, since it depends on the ranking that is had in each auction. In the following video we tell you more:


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