‘Godzilla vs Kong’: the epic battle moves to collectible figures

The new film of ‘Godzilla vs Kong’ has become the most successful indian telemarketer phone numbers cinematographic phenomenon after the reopening of theaters . The enormous array of action scenes between the two legendary monsters and fans’ penchant for one of them have contributed to their popularity.  indian telemarketer phone numbers For this reason, more than one viewer will be driven to have a permanent memory of these two epic creatures that, together or separately, have starred in great science fiction films.

For this reason, Bandai Collectors Shop has brought to Mexico, through its online store,  indian telemarketer phone numbers the new collectible figures of ‘Godzilla vs Kong’, which will become an indelible mark of this epic contest. You may also like: Disney confirms surprising cast for Obi-Wan Kenobi series Baby Yoda, the most popular animatronic, returns to Mexico Since the two titans have faced each other at various times and in each of them arouse the affection and rejection of the fans,  indian telemarketer phone numbers who will now be able to have in their hands the figures from the Playmates Toys collection in their Godzilla Deluxe and King Kong Deluxe versions : both characters have a height of 28 centimeters and are fully articulated.indian telemarketer phone numbers Courtesy Bandai México. So you can remember when the gigantic gorilla finally finds his home, or the moment in which the  indian telemarketer phone numbers Japanese monster decides to face humanity.


Godzilla vs Kong Photo: Courtesy Bandai México. To immortalize the best scenes indian telemarketer phone numbers  from this new film, the catalog of collectible figures also includes six other smaller models: Skull crawler, Warbag, Godzilla with heat beam, Godzilla with radio tower, Kong with jet and Kong with battle ax  indian telemarketer phone numbers . Each of them recall different passages from the film directed by Adam Wingard. You may also like: list provider  ‘Godzilla vs. Kong ‘: Who would win according to science? Godzilla vs Kong Photo: Courtesy Bandai México. With its premiere around the world, ‘Godzilla vs Kong’ is causing a sensation and has become one of the best bets to revive the indian telemarketer phone numbers  different cinema chains; which have been strongly affected by the restrictions imposed due to the current pandemic and now there will also be these amazing collectible figures.

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