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Fuera Chepo generates 4 billion impressions despite victory over Martinique

After the 2-1 defeat against Panama last Sunday, July 7, in the 2013 Gold Cup , the hashtag FueraChepo was installed in number 1 of the Italy Phone Number List Trending Topics in Mexico generating a total of 22 million 907 thousand 350 impressions , result of 23 thousand 389 tweets . Related Notes: FueraChepo generates 23 million impressions France relaxes penalties for illegal internet downloads Investing in mobile advertising

Although at that time the annoyance of Mexican fans towards the management of José Manuel de la Torre was felt on Twitter , these numbers pale before the impressions and tweets generated after the victory on Sunday, July 14, over Martinique in Denver, Colorado .

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Despite the fact that the Mexican team achieved a 3-1 victory against the Caribbean, and with it the qualification for the quarterfinals of the tournament, the fans continued to show their discomfort at the team’s operation with #FueraChepo, which generated a total of 4 thousand 303 million 852 thousand 798 impressions , product of 4 thousand 925 tweets , only within the national territory.

In other words, although tweets decreased by almost 80 percent, impressions increased by almost 20 thousand percent, as each tweet generated a Phone Number List approximately a thousand impressions. The number becomes even more impressive if we consider that Mexico has a population of less than 115 million inhabitants. The next test for José Manuel de la Torre will be on Saturday, July 20, where we will see if the hashtag #FueraChepo can continue to increase his legend within Twitter.

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