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Factors and stages of digital transformation

As I already mentioned in one of my first articles, What is digital transformation? , the evolution of society and technology go hand in hand , and it is affecting companies. To all companies, large and small. In this article I want to emphasize the different factors and stages of digital transformation .
Stages of digital transformation

Digital transformation poses a great challenge for companies , especially large brands, where processes are much slower than in SMEs.
1st Stage, Immobility

There are many companies that think that digitization will come automatically, and that having a website is enough. In this stage, companies continue as before , same processes, same business model and same behavior. Nothing changes for them.
2nd Stage, Consciousness

Sooner or later the company realizes that Ivory-Coast Mobile Database it is necessary to take a step forward for digitization . Either because new sap has reached the upper echelons of it, or because the competition has taken a step forward. In this case it is important that the entire company realizes the importance of this process. An important factor is that digital transformation must follow a top-down procedure. That is, it must start with the CEO to the employees .

Social networks have changed the way of understanding communication between clients and companies. People want speed with their doubts and it is no longer valid to send an email and have them respond to you within 3 days. Immediacy has given social media power unimaginable 10 years ago .

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3rd Stage, Definition of the digitization strategy

A responsible team is created to manage and direct the digital transformation of the company. For this it is important to take into account 3 factors:

Leader: it is important to have a person immersed in the digital and business world. Not everyone can manage the changes that lie ahead. We must not forget that the future of the company depends on this process .
Resources: it is essential to make a strong investment in this section. When we talk about resources, we talk about tools that facilitate communication , courses on agile methodologies and different courses to achieve greater efficiency in processes.
Investment: as I have said before, no expense should be spared when it comes to achieving effective digitization at all levels. Ivory-Coast Mobile Database

For the company’s digitization strategy to be more successful, it is important to set short-term and long-term goals. The ultimate goal will be none other than to maximize the customer experience. This experience becomes the reason for the change .
4th Stage, Transformation of the organization and Human Resources

As I said before, the process must be descending, therefore the first stages of the digital transformation must begin with the upper echelons of the companies and with the human resources department. We all know how the selection processes are in large companies. Slow, heavy, long and in many cases not very successful.
5º Etapa, implementación de la estrategia de digitalización en la empresa

Once the digitization strategy has been planned and approved by the council, it is time to put it in motion. The digital transformation entails the automation of processes, which will cause our entire human team to have more strategic notions . The best way to achieve this change is by taking specialized courses in the tasks that interest us. From more general aspects such as agile methodologies or new communication tools, such as SLACK , to new techniques to increase productivity.
6th Stage, Culture of change

One of the most important factors and stages of digital transformation is this last stage. Once the first 5 stages of digital transformation have been completed, the last one begins, which should never end . The company has changed, both its way of working and its mentality. The necessary roles and processes must be established so that innovation within the company is constant.
Factors of digital transformation

Once we have talked about the different stages of digital transformation, it is time to talk about the most relevant aspects and factors of digital transformation . Without these, the entire process mentioned above will not have a happy ending.
1st Key factor of digital transformation. The vision

The digitization process of the Brother Cell Phone List organization is only successful when there is a change of vision in the direction of the organization . The CEO and the entire board of directors are the engine of this process. Therefore, it is necessary to rethink the business vision, and transmit it to the entire organization. The success of this cultural change in the company will be marked by the commitment of the managers.

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