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Facebook Announces Mysterious “New Product” For This Week

An invitation with two lines in traditional paper format has generated speculation among the specialized press The pitched battle of social networks and technology companies to be at the forefront with new applications and products continues. While Apple announced its new operating Guatemala Phone Numbers List system and Samsung promises news, Facebook sent the international press a mysterious invitation for this week. A small team has been working on a great idea. Meet us for a coffee and to learn about a new product ” points out the small card that various media have published since last night.

The information, which appeared in ABC News in the first instance, points out that “the company seems to have more products up its sleeve” and refers to the invitation that adds to the presentation of the hashtag function and the new features for Android and iPhone. The invitation was sent on Friday to reporters by hand, with the formality of a traditional paper card and the summons is for Thursday, June 20, at its headquarters in Menlo Park, California.

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According to the publication, in recent weeks there have been rumors about the presentation of a larger product by Facebook and the mystery is enlarged accompanied by the fact that the company, apart from the invitation, indicated that there would be more news in the coming weeks , regarding your public conversations.

We will continue to release more features in the weeks and months to come, including trending hashtags and deeper insights, that help people discover more of the Phone Number List world’s conversations,” wrote Greg Lindley , on blog. the company , this week to announce the introduction of hashtags. Whatever it is, we will find out in a few days and after that announcement, the giant social media will continue to bring the planet upside down, asking itself from time to time, what now?

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