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It is rather precarious that now the political parties are also moving in that direction. Due to corona, parties are not allowed to organize meetings. Flyers on the street are also not obvious. As a result, the political parties have now also ‘discovered’ the internet Morocco Phone Number and social media. It now appears that those parties have found partners who do understand very well how the digital world works. Every voter in his own bubble But is it ethical to use those selective techniques for political purposes as well?

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The result is that voters are placed in Morocco Phone Number a filter bubble against their will and even unconsciously . They get to see what the data companies think they know about what they like to hear and where their interests lie. No voter will then still see program points of parties along this route that do not suit him or less. Not everyone gets the same information anymore. This can be Morocco Phone Number misleading and can quickly turn to ‘manipulation’. Voters who do not always vote for a certain party in a biased manner may therefore cause a surprise this time. Blow bubbles. Voting based on a one-liner Of course, a voter who wants to Morocco Phone Number make an informed choice can always watch television or study election programs.

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But how many voters do that? So it is Morocco Phone Number now possible for parties to recruit voters by bombarding them with selective information online . The distinctive character of a party is quickly lost. Voters can cast their vote on the basis of a limited insight, in fact a single slogan and one-liner. In this way, the parties can respond in a much more focused way to current Morocco Phone Number themes in certain target groups or in regions, without the rest of the program receiving attention. In addition, many young people have difficulty with the corona measures and there is a declining interest in politics.

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