Campaigns : PPC campaigns and how you structure them in your account are often a matter of personal preference, however, there are some basics to know. A campaign can only target one specific conversion Netherlands WhatsApp Number List one bid strategy and one media channel. For example, you can’t target sales and leads at the same time. You also can’t run both Shopping ads and Search Network ads in the same campaign . Ad copy : Your ad copy must be optimized to attract clicks from potential customers.

We’ll Detail How To Implement

This requires the use of keywords in the title, as well as high-quality copy that details the product/service, its benefits, urgency, and other selling points. Ad extensions : Make your ads appear larger in search Netherlands WhatsApp Number List results by including ad extensions. These can include sitelinks, callouts, locations, phone numbers, and more. Adding the right ad extensions has been shown to increase clickthrough rate (CTR) and ad performance. Landing Page : Having a specific landing page to attract website visitors is critical to the success of PPC.

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A Profitable Pp. Campaign

Landing pages should be optimized for conversions , whether it’s a sale, a contact form, or a phone call. The page also needs to reflect the searcher’s query. If someone searches Google for PPC management and clicks on your Netherlands WhatsApp Number List take them to your web design page, or even worse… your homepage. Analysis: Your PPC account and the landing pages where you place your visitors need to be closely monitored.