Emma Watson movies that you can find on streaming platforms

What better way to celebrate Emma Watson than to enjoy the films that have enshrined her . Platforms like Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, HBO and even Disney + have a sample of their talent in their catalogs iceland telephone directory . The talent of actress Emma Watson makes a presence in the world of streaming. Some of the films that have devoted their careers are available in various platform s of the streaming offering the opportunity to watching them celebrate from their catalogs.  iceland telephone directory Because not everything is ‘Harry Potter’ , these films show us the talent of the actress who has stood out in various productions over the years. Get to know them all below and prepare an afternoon with Emma Watson.

‘The Army of the Dead’ presents a trailer between zombies and excessive action Netflix The advantages of being invisible iceland telephone directory  The plot of this film follows a shy student who struggles with depression after the death of his best friend. Along the way he meets the friendship of a group of people where he meets Sam, a character played by Emma Watson, to whom he is immediately attracted. A film that became a cult among the young people of the generation iceland telephone directory  and that allowed the actress to play a role different from what had been seen of her. This is the end With a small participation, Emma Watson personifies herself in this irreverent comedy . Seth Rogen and a group of famous Hollywood actors show off their talents in this dark comedy about the end of the world. Amazon Prime iceland telephone directory Thieves of Fame Inspired by true events , a group of celebrity-obsessed teens decide to rob the homes of the rich and famous. In the film Emma Watson plays Nicki Moore, a teenager who is part of this group who does not mind going to famous houses as long as they get articles and show them off. The film is directed by the renowned Sofia Coppola iceland telephone directory  .


Noah Based on biblical history.  iceland telephone directory The character of ‘Noah’ begins to have apocalyptic visions about the universal flood. In order to save his family, the devoted carpenter will have to build a sturdy ship directed by God iceland telephone directory . In the film Watson plays Ila and is directed by Darren Aronosfsky in a film with great effects and an unimaginable cast. In trend: Netflix shares the first images and release date of ‘Elite’ S4 Disney iceland telephone directory Beauty and the Beast Emma Watson transforms into a princess to bring Bella to life in the live action version of the story. The story drawn from the tale, Bella takes her father’s  list provider place as a prisoner in a beast’s castle. Little by little the young woman realizes that the prince is not so evil, managing to awaken feelings towards him iceland telephone directory  . This film is a magical production that young and old cannot miss. HBO Little women Gathered from an important cast, Emma Watson teams up with Greta Gerwing to show the latest film version of Louisa May Alcott’s celebrated novel as Meg . One of the sisters of the family is ill, which causes the family’s life to be altered. In the last edition, this film was among the iceland telephone directory  Oscar nominees. Harry Potter The film saga that opened the doors to fame for Emma Watson is on HBO. In them you can see the evolution of the actress from her first participation at a very young age with the iconic character of Hermione Granger.

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