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Digital transformation td in agribusiness is synonymous with innovation . The concept concerns the process of changing the mindset in the company. Guided by technology. This process helps transform the business. Making it more current to increase market reach. These technological advances in agribusiness are responsible for the arrival of digital agriculture. Based on the technological revolution. Also known as agriculture .according to this study on the subject. By the brazilian agricultural research corporation (embrapa). This new generation is similar to the concept of industry .that is. With the support of disruptive technologies and through massive data collection. Decision making becomes more intelligent and assertive. With the change in consumer behavior and the emergence of new demands. Digital transformation plays a key role in this context.

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Only with it will agribusiness be able to meet the emerging needs of society. Also according to the same study. The great challenge of world agriculture is to guarantee food security by offering products. Fibers and clean energy in a sustainable way. This is an even more latent Bahrain Phone Numbers List concern if we highlight the population projection for 2050. The estimate is that the world number reaches nine billion inhabitants. Affecting the increase in production by at least 70%. The study also highlights a few more factors that require intelligence and effectiveness in agricultural production: growing scarcity of natural resources such as land and water; climate change with extreme events and disasters; the constant ascendancy of per capita income levels and urbanization; digitized consumers with demands for more nutritious and functional foods; productivity gains at decreasing rates in certain countries.

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The scenario in data digital transformation in agribusiness in addition to the context presented. There are a few more points that need to be addressed to better explain the role of digital transformation in agribusiness. It is worth mentioning that the participation of agribusiness in the brazilian gdp has grown more and more. The most recent data is that this share reached 27.4%. Meanwhile. The sector’s gdp grew by 8.36% in 2021. Added to this. The survey by the national supply company ( conab ) points to an increase in production in the sector. In the 2019/20 harvest alone. A growth of 1.5% in the planted area was forecast. Compared to the previous one. This percentage results in approximately .

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