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Digital Marketing the new training requirement

Marketing work requires constant updating, undoubtedly a product of consumer demand and the constant change in the market. The USA Phone Number List marketing director currently receives a constant demand from the consumer to satisfy their demands on a number of fronts, among them the most relevant is undoubtedly the digital field.

In this environment, it is necessary to update professional knowledge and tools in order to compete successfully in the digital field. According to, as of December 2012 there were just over 634 million websites in the world, only the .com extension represents 100 million domain names globally. Digital competition is a reality for any brand that wants to maintain at least its brand awareness current , let alone grow its participation. Among the educational offers in this area in Mexico is the Digital Marketing program organized by EDEM (marketing school) and the University of Texas at Austin, the diploma has 5 years in the market and more than 250 graduates.

USA Phone Number List

This diploma seeks to create skills to carry out efficient, successful and effective digital campaigns, develop models of success online with a strategic approach to marketing. “You will know tools that will help you measure the results of each of the strategies. You will also learn legal aspects on the internet and trends in social networks, we consider it to be the best academic offer of its kind. Karla Pantoja, Academic Director of EDEM, points out when talking with Merca2.0 about the next course that starts classes on September 20, 2013.

According to the annual study of Salaries and Salaries in Marketing from Merca2.0 Magazine, the best-paid jobs in the industry and with the Phone Number List highest demand are inexorably linked to the digital world. “If you know how to plan, develop and measure communication strategies supported by new digital marketing technologies, you will surely be the choice of the leading company in the market” added Pantoja. For more information about the study program and start dates you can enter website the school’s .

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