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This time in the podcast no chief marketing or a director. One of Exact’s marketing leaders. Richard Francis talks about B2B marketing and their SME community. Exact: the accounting system of SMEs For those who are not in the numbers. Exact is the accounting Belgium WhatsApp Number List system for SMEs. It was built in 1984 by a few tech students in Delft.

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They have grown into a multi-million dollar company. They serve 500,000 customers and have 1,850 employees. Richard Francis was born and raised in England. After a few years of traveling around the world, he stayed in the Netherlands and never left. He has now been working at Exact for 10 years. It started for him as a copy specialist for their new product at the time.

Belgium WhatsApp Number List
Belgium WhatsApp Number List

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This is now their best-selling software. He grew through all kinds of positions to eventually Principal Marketing Strategy and Operations. As Head of Strategy and Operations, he focuses on the collaboration between product, sales, and various marketing teams. In this HelloMasters Podcast Richard tells you about.

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