Diego Boneta reveals the secrets of his transformation as Luis Miguel

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Diego Boneta reveals the secrets of his transformation as Luis Miguel

‘El Sol’ is about to return to Netflix. A few days after the great premiere of ‘Luis Miguel, the series’ Season 2 , its protagonist Diego Boneta shared some data behind his transformation to bring the successful singer to life.  Next Sunday , german phone number the first chapter of the second season of one of Netflix’s most successful original series arrives, but before this day arrives, we share the actor’s challenges to carry out his character, taken from a short video that the streaming company presented a few days ago. We are sure that you will be surprised by everything that had to happen in this second part of the bioseries german phone number . You can also read: ‘The Army of the Dead’ presents a trailer between zombies and excessive action Luis Miguel Netflix Diego Boneta  Courtesy Netflix.

Two timelines, a complicated contrast The second season of ‘Luis Miguel, the series’ is situated on two time lines in the singer’s life: one in the 1990s and the other in the early german phone number , which brought more challenges to the recordings. According to Boneta, this situation represented one of his biggest challenges in the series , since in the same day he had to represent the singer at the age of twenty where he had other manners, another body, another physical and that same day he had to change to the larger version of the artist. german phone number  Netflix shares the first images and release date of ‘Elite’ german phone number Six hour characterization A surprising fact is undoubtedly the number of hours that Diego Boneta spent in the characterization process. The actor shared that it initially lasted up to six hours , but as they passed tests and trials, they managed to reduce the process to two and a half hours.

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Alfredo ‘tigre’ Mora german phone number  , head of the makeup department, commented that the above was due to the prosthetics that were applied to him, which were very fine and delicate, but necessary to cause the facial change without looking like a caricature of Luis Miguel . Luis MIguel the Netflix series official trailer Courtesy Netflix. The energy and weight of the years For Boneta this is the first time that he has to play a character with these intense bodily characteristics like these, as mentioned in the german phone number . For him, the big difference lies in the energy and the weight of the years. “One year for Luis Miguel is like cat years, one year for him is nine for us. He has lived so long and, although the difference is not so much, it is ten years that weigh like thirty years ”, he expressed. diego boneta He highlighted the subtle changes to which he underwent, but assures that  german phone number “they are changes that make a difference .  list provider ” These changes were also present in the first season when he had to find the best alternative to represent the distinctive opening of Luis Miguel’s teeth . Do not miss: ‘Who Killed Sara german phone number  All about the second season on Netflix As well as the first season, the new chapters of ‘Luis Miguel, the series’ will arrive one by one from this german phone number . New and controversial details of the singer’s life will be revealed in the plot, in addition to having more characters that are part of the artist’s life.

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