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All the images you use. whether from the image banks or uploaded by you. will be saved in your library so that you always have them accessible if you want to include them again in other campaigns. Of course. once you have chosen the image you want to include in the template. you can edit its size. display it on mobile by adjusting the width to 100%. the alignment. apply different effects or include a link. Buttons Buttons are an important part of your campaigns. as they are the elements that will tell the subscriber to take a specific action. With our new email editor You can customize its appearance by modifying the width. the background and text colors. the alignment.

making the corners rounded. modifying the padding or add a border. new email editor acumbamail editor buttons Separators Separators can be very useful when structuring email information. being an important element in the design and legibility of the text. In the editor you can easily add separators or spaces between blocks. and customize the size. color and alignment of them in a simple and intuitive way. new email editor acumbamail editor separators Social media tracking icons Social networks are a very important element when it comes to your campaigns to gain traction. but it is equally important that you can integrate their icons properly into your design.

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Our editor allows you to include links to the Belarus Phone Number choosing different styles of social button so that you can choose the one that best suits your aesthetic criteria. new email editor acumbamail editor social networks You can choose between different styles (square. rounded. without background …) and colors. Videos If you want to include a link to a video. our new editor allows you to add it by pasting the url of YouTube or Vimeo and. automatically. the featured image will be selected with a play buttonthat you can customize to your liking. new email editor acumbamail editor video The video will not be played within the email as this function is not compatible with most email clients and our intention is to offer the most homogeneous experience possible among all your subscribers.

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Add your own HTML In case you are an advanced user with knowledge of HTML. You can include your own fragments within the template to include any other element you need. This option is recommended to be used only if you have the necessary knowledge to do so. And always trying to check each change so that there is no problem viewing the template. New email editor acumbamail html 3.Body In this tab you can change the general properties of the email. You can select the size of the content area. the background color of the email and the content area. The color of the links. or the main font (you can choose between 22 different ones). New email editor acumbamail body.

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Greater efficiency Another novelty is that the images included in your emails are distributed through a CDN. Thanks to this service. the images will be downloaded from locations close to the customer who received the email. Reducing those uncomfortable loading moments that. as you well know. Can make the difference between achieving or not a campaign conversion. As you can see. our new email editor has many important news. All of them designed to improve your experience by creating more effective and attractive campaigns to send to your subscribers. Its use is simple and. once you try it. you will not miss the old one. If you still have any questions or problems.

visit this user guide or contact with our support team. they will be happy to help you. You can also watch this webinar that we did explaining how it works in detail. If you are not yet a customer. you can try it for free with 2.000 shipments account Here. We also want to know your feedback if you have any suggestions or requests. Our development team will value them to implement them in the future. The use of color in the email can considerably improve the design of the Newsletter . And for this you can not only use photographs or graphic elements. The importance of color in newsletter design The colors implemented in the background.

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