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Just as they make decisions base on the information provide by the media, they do the same with the publications of digital marketing campaigns. While some readers may spot your mistake, others won’t and will share the wrong information with their contacts. In this way, they will unconsciously be sharing false information that can harm your reputation. What to keep in mind to do fact-checking Here are nine basic components to check to make sure your content is credible, accurate, and trustworthy: 1.- Names and titles Not using correct spelling and punctuation is unprofessional and hurts your credibility.

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Check the wording of trademarks, personal names, institutions and job titles. Also, make sure they are written consistently throughout the content. And keep it consistent: if a term is spelle one way at the beginning of the campaign, don’t change Luxembourg Phone Number List it anymore. 2.- Data and numbers If you are going to work with statistics, check all the facts, percentages, transactions and other relate aspects. It is important to use up-to-date data. Check your personal files, or perform a search on the Internet, if you have questions about an event or economic data.

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Even if you are reusing content from another website, check everything properly before using it for your interests. 3.- Places Check the correct wording of the names of cities, capitals, countries, regions and other geographical areas. To check List Provider this data make sure you use the correct sources. And do not forget that they must be update. 4.- Contact information It is common to place the company’s email address and telephone number on the website and in newsletters. Therefore, before making them public, check that they are operational and that they work correctly. In the same way, make sure that the phone you offer is not of special pricing.

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