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No one-word keywords Keywords added Cyprus Phone Number in the account must consist of two or more words. There are some exceptions: own brand keywords, recognized medical conditions, and a few others on this policy. 2. No keywords List Cyprus Phone Number that are too broad that are very general are not allowed. For example, think of Cyprus Phone Number words like free, charity or culture. They don’t say anything specific and the meaning can go either way.

Personalization Across Cyprus Phone Number

Keywords with a Quality Score of 2 or Cyprus Phone Number lower should be excluded. This is the policy of Google Grants, I recommend that you regularly check the Quality Scores. 4. A minimum CTR (click-through rate) of 5% per month is required. It is a requirement to achieve a minimum CTR of 5% per month.  So pay close Cyprus Phone Number and how these keywords score. 5. Account must have a valid conversion tracking implementation Make sure the account has a valid conversion tracking implementation. You do this via Google Analytics, here you import these conversions or set them directly in Google Ads. 6. Account must have at least two ad groups per campaign. Each Google Grants Cyprus Phone Number account must have at least two ad groups per campaign. 7.

Cyprus Phone Number
Cyprus Phone Number

Smarter Targeting Cyprus Phone Number

Account must contain a minimum of two Cyprus Phone Number ads per ad group. Each ad group must contain a minimum of two ads. 8. Account must have at least two ad extensions for sitelinks It is also important to add at least two ad extensions for sitelinks. This way searchers can immediately get to the page they are looking for. With sitelinks you add even more relevance to the ad. 9. Max. CPC should not exceed 2 The max. CPC per Cyprus Phone Number keyword should not exceed 2. 10. Google Ads How can Google Grants help my Cyprus Phone Number organization? Google Grants can help nonprofits achieve their goals in several ways.

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