Data Essential To Analyzing Results And Improving

Including how long do most of the viewers stay in our clip? Graph 1 : If the graph is smooth not much change This means that viewers watche that portion of the content from start to finish. Graph 2: If the curve gradually leans downwards, it means viewers are less intereste in the content of the clip. Therefore, we should find a way to improve next time the content is more interesting. Graph 3: If any part of the graph is especially high It means that. Causing people to click to watch again or continue to share Graph 4: If the graph line falls a lot in any part, it means that most people press away from the clip when they reach that part of the content.

Trying to drive more engagement

So if the content is so compelling that most viewers can watch half the length of the clip, YouTube will start introducing our clips to a wider audience. Retention is relate to Watch Time . too where Watch Time is the average amount of time people spend Estonia Phone Number watching our video clip, for example, if our clip is 10 minutes long, then most people watch half of the clip (50%), that means that in that clip there is Watch Time is equal to 500 minutes. If anyone wants to make money from YouTube, they nee to have at least 4,000 hours of Watch Time before applying for the YouTube Partner Program.

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The content is interesting

Another interesting statistic is YouTube’s algorithm prioritizes the amount of time viewers spend watching a clip rather than the number of clicks alone . or effects in clips make the clip look interesting Not too smooth, not boring, etc. 4. Increasing the List Provider number and quality Engagement remains at the heart of every platform. In 2022, YouTube is on the platform than just video views. It can be seen that many YouTubers are posting more images and messages on YouTube and their followers are also popular to comment. Considere to help strengthen the relationship between them as well.

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