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Assessment Evaluating and reviewing the campaign after analyzing and testing whether we nee to make changes or achieve the objectives we set our goals for. 5. Continuously improve User Experience User Experience or UX is about the user experience. or target groups in the digital world Although our products and services are attractive or have attractive promotions, but the website design does not meet the nees of users. Inconvenient functionality can easily lose customers and become inferior to competitors . So, let’s take a look at User Experience trends.

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What worth keeping an eye on Create a popup on the app page or website to promote campaigns or notify news for users to easily see. se the Scrollytelling strategy or storytelling through South Korea Phone Number scrolling fees to make it look interesting. Use bright colors to draw attention. 6. Develop Voice Search to enhance SEO The use of voice commands continues to gain momentum in digital marketing. Because modern consumers prefer to use voice commands to find information. In order to get quick answers, Voice Search is also involve in SEO development.

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Additionally reveals that 90 percent of online users are using voice commands to search for information over search in 2022, and this is likely to continue growing. image from bloggingwizard 7. VR is equally hot. In 2021, Meta Company (Facebook) designe the Metaverse , combining the real world and the virtual world. Therefore, marketing in the form List Provider of Virtual Reality (VR) is still worth watching and developing further, which many famous brands have use VR to market to promote products and services. to create new experiences for users For example, IKEA, a home furnishing and general purpose goods brand, has designe a virtual application.

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