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Crowdfunding, the sponsorship of the people

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Crowdfunding, the sponsorship of the people

In our country and in much of Latin America it is difficult to make a living from music. Record companies no longer invest money in A&R (local artists and repertoire) and hopefully release proven productions globally. For this reason, the Buy UK Mobile Phone Number List appearance of Crowfunding, a system by which people finance projects of all kinds, is having such a boom, especially in the world of music.

IDEAME is the platform of the original idea for Latin America, with two modalities: all or nothing, which implies reaching a goal to receive the money. If the necessary collaboration is not reached, the money is returned to the participants and the project is not carried out. The other way is to receive everything that arrives, even if it does not reach the goal and deliver a small percentage of the collection to the system. When presenting the project, the modality is chosen.

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In Chile it has had good results with renowned artists such as Camila Moreno , Ensamble Transatlántico de Folk Chileno and the inclusion of soon be announced, Javiera Mena will who is asking for support for your third album The system is simple, but effective. The Phone Number List artist raises his project, chooses the modality and gives collaboration options that include a reward to the collaborator that ranges from a personalized greeting, to a live performance, through exclusive and autographed material, all depending on the amount that the person can and does. want to donate.

The formula is interesting, because it not only proves that collaboration in artistic terms is possible, but also because the mere fact of accessing the system is also a form of marketing that even generates press and diffusion.

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