Craig Zobel unravels the secrets of ‘Mare of Easttown’ ahead of premiere

Next Sunday HBO will premiere its original miniseries ‘Mare of Eastown india phone number database ‘ . The company’s potty production comes with high expectations to become the series of the moment as it is played by actress Kate Winslet under the direction of renowned director Craig Zobel. ‘Mare of Easttown’ follows the story of the character of Mare Sheerhan , a small-town Pennsylvania detective who investigates the local murder as life collapses around her .  india phone number database The production explores the dark side of a gated community and authentically shows how families and the tragedies of the past can define our present , according to the official synopsis. Craig Zobel , recognized for his work in productions such as ‘Outcast’, ‘American Gods’ or ‘The Leftovers’ , was in charge of leading the project. Before its premiere, india phone number database  scheduled for Sunday , April 18 , the director shared some details of his participation in ‘Mare of Easttown’ in an interview shared by HBO. Join us to discover what will make this series special where Kate Winslet is expected to surprise her audience by offering us an interpretation of a totally different role from the one she has accustomed us throughout her impeccable career. You may also like: The Nevers: protagonists share the details behind the HBO series  india phone number database HBO mare of easttown Kate Winslet is ready to surprise audiences with a character never seen before. Photo: HBO. How did you get to Mare of Eastown When I got involved, production had already started . The original director had to leave the project for personal reasons.

So, I got on board shortly after production started shooting. And I was in the project for over a year india phone number database What aspect of the project made you want to embark on it under difficult circumstances? I read the script and immediately and I liked the story. But I think what really appealed to me was that HBO was able to share some takes – they weren’t even scenes – and songs that had already been recorded. I think a lot of us were always fans of Kate (india phone number database). I love her since ‘Heavenly Creatures’, but I’ve never seen her do this kind of thing before . Very quickly, I thought, “oh, that’s a great choice.” Kate had found an interesting new character that I had never seen her play , and I hope I was able to capture it on the show. Mare Sheehan is a very capable person, she managed to carry a bundle and still do her job, and in a way have her own life. In essence, the series is about that: about the capacity of each one . In the text it is very serious, india phone number database  but with Kate the interesting thing is that she is very funny and, at the same time, a bit curmudgeon – it is such a unique approach that I was immediately attentive , when I started directing, to see what direction it would take -. Mare of Easttown HBO Craig Zobel Craig Zobel on the set. Photo: Courtesy HBO. What is it like to direct an entire miniseries alone india phone number database . This is the second time I have done it. Before it was on the series “One Dollar” on CBS All Access, which nobody saw, but I’m proud of it, and it gave me a lot more insight into how to do it this time. In a way, you are responsible for seeing the forest and all the trees at the same time india phone number database .


In my opinion, it is good that the series is shown  india phone number database once a week because you know that people are going to process each episode, without bingeing . In this specific story, considering that it is a mystery story, the challenge was to be able to structure all of that without losing sight of where the people would be. Much of my talks with Kate almost every day were about that. What kind of series is ‘Mare of Eastown india phone number database ‘? This is not a series just about a police investigation list provider . It is not procedural. I’d say it’s a kind of drama that has a police mystery element to it . But in my head it’s actually about that woman. In truth, it is a portrait. Mare of easttown HBO The series will have its premiere next Sunday, April 18 on HBO where it will premiere one of the six chapters that make it up each week. Photo: Courtesy HBO. In trend: Movies available on Netflix for those looking for something different Oscar india phone number database : Release dates in Mexico of the nominees for Best Film To what extent do you think Mare is the result of where he comes from? It seems like a lot to me. We always played Mare “of Easttown”. We repeated the title of the series,  india phone number database because it was very formative for the story and for what we wanted to show. The series had local technical consultants.

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