Advertisers often include business addresses, phone numbers, links to additional sites, promotions, or certain product information. ad group One or more keywords, ads, or trash cans with similar goals. Typically each ad Peru WhatsApp Number List contains about 5-10 keywords. Ad placement This is the order in which your ads appear on search engine results pages compared to other paid ads. The number “1” position means your ad is the first ad on the page, which means your ad will appear first in the SERPs. Ad Rank Ad Rank determines your ad placement behind the scenes.

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This score is calculat from your bid amount, ad quality, clickthrough rate, and ad relevance. ad rotation When you have multiple ads in your ad group, this setting will determine which ad should show. Your ads will Peru WhatsApp Number List because only one ad can be shown in your account at a time. There are two different settings, optimized and infinite rotation. Google uses machine learning to automatically select the ad most likely to win the auction. They use signals like keywords, search terms, device, and location to optimize each ad. Rotating indefinitely will serve your ad evenly across all auctions.

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It is important to check this setting because you want to make sure you have the right balance between message testing and account performance. Ad scheduling A setting that allows you to set a custom time of day Peru WhatsApp Number List you want your ad to appear, and set a time of day when you want your ad to be more successful. This setting also automatically adjusts bids during certain time periods. ad status The ad status describes whether the ad can run.