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Content shared on social networks through mobile devices continues to grow

The currency of activity on social networks is content. An activity that is increasingly manifested on mobile devices. According to the latest ShareThis report, 19% of mobile users use their smart terminal to share content through social networks; which implies a growth of close to 30% (27.8%).

Facebook is the channel where users share the Japan Mobile Database most via smartphone (72%), while Twitter accounted for 14% of this activity, and Pinterest 12%. In contrast, in terms of activity on tablets, Pinterest increased its representation rate (22%), while Facebook maintained a more moderate leadership (64%).

The study also reflects the notable increase in this regard by senior users, preferably using tablets. Thus, users 55 and over shared 43% of the content recorded on tablets. An activity that increases 88% every quarter.

What content do we share on each social network? Japan Mobile Database

The study analyzes what type of information users share on each 2.0 platform. Very useful information when designing a content strategy in Social Media.

Thus, Twitter is emerging as the channel to disseminate information on the economy and finance, accounting for 67% of this information. It is also a medium that collects 8% more content on art, leisure and entertainment than the average. When it comes to providing content on politics, it is also the ideal option, along with Facebook.

For their part, Pinterest and Facebook stand out in terms of information Brother Cell Phone List related to the family, with 13% and 9% higher than the rest, respectively. Similarly, these channels collect most of the content on fitness, health and personal care.

Sports news occupies a privileged place in the time line of the 140-character platform, with 93% more than the average.

Pinterest is the undisputed shopping ally. ShareThis data indicates that it collects 226% more than the average. Undoubtedly, the ideal channel to disseminate and publicize news about products, offers and trends.

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