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Problems during childbirth or due to a degenerative disorder. he carries out an appropriate intervention plan for each need and affected area of the patient. Language is not limited only to speaking and listening. but also to the understanding and development of reading and writing skills in a person. 3. IMPROVE VOICE USE HABITS Did you know that there are bad habits and uses of the voice that can affect it? As you are reading it. the voice is nothing more than the sound produced when the air passes from the lungs to the larynx. to then meet the vocal cords that vibrate with the air and produce the sound of our voice.

Speech therapists can work together with other health specialists and also provide advice in the educational area. both in regular institutions and those for children with disabilities. One of the main functions of speech therapists is to design rehabilitation treatment plans for their patients. so that they recover a functional and adaptive level of writing. language and communication skills. It studies the brain. understanding it as a capable social organ. which changes according to the teaching and learning processes. especially if we work on it through recreational and therapeutic exercises.

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It is responsible for investigating how to generate Russia Phone Number neurons and brain connections based on teaching and contributing to the comprehensive development of the child’s brain. He affirms that the brain changes and can be modified according to the teaching processes that we apply. The goal pursued by Neuropedagogy is that for it to work and be applied according to its principles. All education professionals should know and understand how the brain learns. how it processes information. How it controls emotions. feelings. behavior . and how sensitive it is to certain stimuli. In this way. they will be able to work adequately on it. constituting a short-term basis for innovating in the classroom. and in the long term. Achieving a new transformation of educational systems.

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Neuropedagogy is also known as Neuroeducation. being so involved and related to pedagogical practice. This new science provides educational professionals with the necessary knowledge to understand the behavior of their students in the classroom. The environment that is created. as well as the way each one learns. Managing to adapt the way of teaching according to how their brains learn. To build more competent classrooms. Neuropedagogy is based on a series of principles. useful to guarantee truly significant and permanent learning. Our brain is emotional and the most significant and lasting learning is the one that occurs through meaningful moments.

These Difficulties Can Be

Charged with emotion. with activities that are pleasant for the students. When they get excited about learning and feel that the school context brings them something more than contents. Students need to feel eager to learn. To see each day as a challenge and a new challenge in the classroom. Which they have to face with enthusiasm. feel capable. Making them see that the result obtained is thanks to their effort. functioning as a reward. Nervousness. tension and stress greatly affect student performance as well as learning rates. Therefore. we must avoid generating these states in students.

Each student is unique. For this reason. the contents to be taught will be important to repeat as many times as the student needs. To practice it until they integrate it. It is a good idea to present the same content. In different ways to rescue the different learning styles within the classroom.  They are two closely link cognitive processes. without memory there is no learn. Everything we learn is retain in our brain and constitutes what we call memory. 6. SOCIAL INTERACTION What some experts call the social brain is a very powerful tool in learning.

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