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Chloé Zhao makes history by winning the Oscar for Best Director

Chloé Zhao won the Oscar for best director tonight for “Nomadland” at the how do i find a phone number in germany Academy Awards in Hollywood, an award with which she makes history by becoming the second female director to triumph in this category. “I have always found goodness in all the people I have met, this award goes to all those who bring out the goodness of the people they know, that inspires me to continue,” said the filmmaker on stage. It may interest you:  how do i find a phone number in germany Mexicans win the Oscar for Best Sound for ‘Sound of Metal’ This is how the red carpet returned to the Oscars ceremony Zhao recalled a proverb he learned in his native China, “all human beings are good when they are born,” during a simple speech that came seconds after his name was included as the second woman to win an Oscar for Best Directing.

In almost a century, how do i find a phone number in germany  only five women had been candidates in this category, with Kathryn Bigelow the only winner for “The Hurt Locker” in 2010. The first nominee was Lina Wertmüller for “Seven Beauties” in , which was followed by Jane Campion (“The Piano) Sofia Coppola (“Lost in Translation); Bigelow (The Hurt Locker) and Greta Gerwig (“Lady Bird”, how do i find a phone number in germany ). In addition, this was the first edition in which two women competed for the award, since Emerald Fennell (“Promising Young Woman”) was also among the candidates. To shoot “how do i find a phone number in germany ,” Zhao not only directed Frances McDormand, but also led a cast of newcomers who played themselves before the cameras to recount their lives as nomads cut off from the US economic system.

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Since its premiere (how do i find a phone number in germany ) at the Venice Film Festival in September, the film has been consistently named one of the best films of the year by critics and its director has triumphed at the BAFTAs list provider  , the Hollywood Directors Guild Awards. and the Golden Globes. Do not miss: Surprising data that you did not know about the films nominated for Best Picture  how do i find a phone number in germany At the Oscars, Zhao beat Thomas Vinterberg (“Another Round”), David Fincher (“Mank”) and Lee Isaac Chung (“Minari”). The director also aspired to the award for best adapted screenplay,  how do i find a phone number in germany which ultimately went to newcomers Christopher Hampton and Florian Zeller for “The Father.”

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