Many stores are trying to get up and running with all kinds of marketing

You’ve got your Shopify store up and running, so now it’s time to welcome that traffic! Just roll out the red carpet and get those customers rummaging through the virtual shelves. Easy, right? Getting a decent amount of traffic is the hardest part of running an online store. Luckily, SEO can help you bring a steady stream of customers. Here are seven tips to get more traffic to your Shopify store with SEO.

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It sounds easy, but it’s hard: getting a dependable stream of traffic

Thanks to platforms like Shopify, building and launching an online store has become easier than ever. It’s now so accessible that everyone and their mother can run one! But, launching a store is one thing; getting customers to your store and getting them to buy something is another!

Many stores are trying to get up and running with all kinds of marketing, with paid ads being very popular. But to get people to notice you, there is one essential tactic that should have much of your attention: . Doing SEO properly helps you build a stream of traffic that you can depend on.

There are many things you can do to improve the SEO of your online store, and in this article, we’ll highlight seven. For more tips and tricks, please read.

Improve structured data for products and store

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A big part of SEO consists of making your store’s content easy to read and easy to understand for search engines. You can focus on taking away any technical Spain Phone Number hurdles a bot might have to crawl your pages the  understanding part, structured data is essential.

Gives search engines a sort of glossary of your site. You can describe what all the different parts mean precisely to  search engines with structured data. In addition, you can determine how everything connects by adding as much valuable information for search engines as you can.