Learn from the public opinion confrontation of “Lei Shen’s Hammer” and analyze

The PLA’s threat of force against Taiwan, in addition to the “unification of force” based on physical military force, also attaches importance to the “new three wars” starting from psychological warfare, public opinion warfare, and legal warfare, in order to compete for the right to speak and change the people of our country.

The concept of cognitive warfare is all-encompassing

And the implementation methods Slovenia Phone Number are also varied. It is not easy to form a complete concept by only talking about theory. But just by taking advantage of the well-known Wang Leehom and Li Jinglei’s divorce and production disputes that happened recently,

we can get a glimpse of the tactics of cognitive

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Warfare from a relatively easy-to-understand perspective. What threat can cognitive warfare pose to Taiwan? Cognitive warfare includes psychological warfare in the traditional military field, as well as information warfare, propaganda warfare, and public opinion warfare launched through emerging social media. Views on important matters such as politics, economics, military…etc. If the enemy seizes our general public’s cognition of information, it will gain the “speaking power” to interpret events.

Finally, it leads to a favorable perception of the enemy, and then achieves “behavior change”, that is, to make behaviors that are beneficial to the enemy, such as surrender without resistance (in the perspective of the enemy, it is to complete the defeat without fighting, the good and the good).

Cognitive warfare is a gray zone conflict. It is difficult to distinguish between peacetime and wartime. And it can be launched at any time. It can attack from official and unofficial.Military and civilian, etc., not limited in peacetime and wartime, and make good use of the enemy, our side, international media and new media platforms.