100 tips for 20 years on the job to make your workplace a little better

A product manager who has worked in a large factory for 5 years came to me and wanted to talk about finding a job, so I sorted out some insights from my work for nearly 20 years, including:

  • about finding a job;
  • about resumes;
  • about the interview;
  • about the workplace;
  • about personal development;

Below, share it with you~

Part.1 About looking for a job

1. For the first job after graduating from university, at least half of the people are ignorant, including myself. The direction is generally correct. Once you choose, just calm down and do it. One meeting, the second election, set a goal, at least to be able to work in this company for three years.

2. If you have worked for three years and there are more than 3 job-hopping on your resume, there is a 90% probability that HR will judge that there is a problem with the stability of the candidate, and the resume will not pass.

3. Looking for a job is something that most people have experienced, but not everyone can find a job.

4. In the face of being rushing to find Malaysia Phone Number by multiple companies or teams, but still maintaining the pursuit of the original intention and not being moved by fame and fortune, it means that you already have self-knowledge.

Most companies recruit employees,

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5. work for the company, pay a salary, and do a job. In fact, companies hope to find people who are not only working for a salary, but who can become strivers and partners.

6. From finding a job to not looking for a job, from recruiting employees to finding partners, it is a long process, and it may be a matter of one thought.

7. The product manager should not look for a job. I hope that the product manager will find a career that he is really willing to do, and look for a company and a team with the mentality of a partner.

8. The relationship between an individual and an enterprise is not a simple relationship of getting paid and working, but a willingness to work together for a cause that is recognized by oneself.

9. When hiring, I expect every interviewee to grow into a partner, but the reality is, it’s a dream.

10. Many people will pass up an opportunity because the business is far from home.

Considering the work place is far from home,

11. it can only show that you are still at the level of looking for a job.

12. The mentality of looking for a job is difficult to overcome, just as most people start by solving the problem of food and clothing, but they cannot always focus on the problem of food and clothing.

13. There are usually three factors to consider when looking for a job, salary, development space, personal interest, and team matching. These four points, what do you like most, what is the proportion of their respective weights, make a weight score and sort by yourself, and you will know how to choose at present.