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Built Uncover opportunities with topical search. How well do you understand the competitive environment in the verticals you create content for. Today you are competing for eyes and clicks. Your competitors may be other businesses. But you could be competing for space in the SERPs against media brands, bloggers, influencers and more. Without this bird’s-eye view of relevant search and social spaces, you’re flying blind. Assessing content gaps not covered by your competitors gives you the opportunity to create engaging content that speaks to people in the key moments that matter. Choose content formats wisely. What media will you incorporate to best illustrate your message, engage your audience, and reach people across all platforms?

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Content can incorporate multiple types of media. Including socially shareable images, quick video clips, and embedded media. Like SlideShares. This gives you different ways to deliver your message, but it. Also allows you to appear in different types of search Macedonia Phone Number results (like Google Images) and on different search platforms like YouTube or SlideShare’s internal search). Measurable content provides the metrics that matter Content marketers are getting better and better at proving the business value of their business.

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For instance, Respondents to CMI’s annual content marketing survey said they had successfully tracked ROI. Now in 2017: 72% measure the return on investment of their content marketing. 51% use a measurement plan to provide both insights and progress toward business goals. 79% use analytics tools. How to make your content marketing efforts measurable. Choose metrics that matter and align with your business goals.

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Above all, Which KPIs tell the real story of your content’s success Ideally. You’ll measure your content’s performance throughout the funnel. From lead generation and audience building through promotion, and conversion sales. And aftersales to retention and evangelism. Site traffic, lead quality, social shares, time on site, and conversion rates are some of the top metrics used by B2B marketers to determine content success. Priorities are similar for B2C marketers. Make search engine optimization a key part of content creation. Improve your visibility and key metrics such as engagement time on site. Shares and conversions with strategic content optimization.