Definition of Daily Budgets That Take Into

Here is an example. We used our Optmyzr Hour-of-Week Data Insight tool to plot the cost of an account for different days of the week.

This is important to know when we update budgets daily to help us reach a monthly spending goal.

You can see that Wednesday tends to have a higher cost than Friday, Saturday and Sunday. So it makes a big difference whether the remaining three days of the budget period are Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, or whether it’s Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

However, a uniform distribution applied in the second example could reserve too much budget for Thursday and Friday, when there are usually not many opportunities.

Calculation of the share of the budget spent on different days

For the first part, I wrote a function called) t

hat uses the reporting capabilities Germany Phone Number in AdWords scripts to pull data over several weeks and create a campaign cost map segmented by day of the week.

This way the code can easily find out how much each campaign is spending for any day of the week.

I also store each campaign’s weekly total so I can easily determine what percentage of the week’s cost that is.

Wrote a new budget allocation function for Google’s script

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The second big change I made was to add a Calculate Dow Weighted Budget function which uses the data

I calculated earlier to set the new budget based on the remaining days in the month.

Google has written its code generically so that it is very easy to add a new function to calculate budgets in a different way. In fact, it was so easy that I also wrote a function that loads the budget. This is basically the opposite of the back-loaded function they already included in their example.