Pluga’s complete guide: everything you need to know about the tool

What is pluga?
Pluga is an automation platform that was born in 2015. In the city of rio de janeiro. And is the first plug and play platform created in brazil.

The platform acts as a kind of data “bridge”. Connecting Finland Phone Number the tools that companies usually use on a day-to-day basis to transfer – automatically – information from one side to the other.

In general. Integrations occur through apis (application programming interface) following the logic:

alt = how the plug works: when something happens in tool a. Perform an action in tool b.
In this way. It is possible to define automation rules so that. After the occurrence of a certain action. The data passes to another tool and a specific task is performed automatically.

And flexibility is one of the main advantages that can offer.

Through pluga. It is possible to create various automations for different sectors of a company. Such as marketing. Finance. Sales. Among others. And without having to develop a single line of code. Watch the video below to learn more about the tool and how it works:

what are pluga automations?
At pluga. Automation means precisely the connection between two web tools. With the main objective of performing a certain task for you by sending a set of data.

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For that. It works like this: when something happens in tool a. Do an action in tool b . See below some examples of automation with rd station crm provided by pluga: speaking in less playful terms. An event in pluga happens every time the trigger of a certain automation is fired and an action is performed in the target tool.

For example. If you use the automation “ for every opportunity marked as a sale in rd station crm. Send a notice in a certain slack channel ”. The events will be the notices received in the previously defined slack channel.

Pluga and rd station crm integration example

For whom the pluga is indicated
pluga is indicated. Mainly. For small and medium companies that use web tools and need to automate processes to be able to handle all the demands of the business.

For example. If you sell products online through an ecommerce platform. There are probably three tasks that are part of your day to day life: If you have or work in a digital marketing agency. Certainly sending the leads generated through a campaign to your clients is a priority.

That’s where pluga comes in. To connect all the tools used in these different processes. Allowing it to no longer be necessary to issue invoices manually; or make product withdrawals from stock each time an item is sold; or even exporting and importing spreadsheets with new leads generated in a campaign in your crm or marketing automation platform .