Case Study: Data Vanity and Hesitation in Data-Driven Growth

For the built product, user usage data is an important indicator to determine the success of the product. So how does the data correctly reflect the maximization of product value? How to use the existing data to carry out specific work? This article will carry out case analysis and method Saudi Arabia Mobile Number sharing from the following six aspects, which are worth reading and learning.

Case description and three consecutive questions

The 2022 Spring Festival Toutiao is an annual card event, which is an enterprise-level event synchronously carried out by Toutiao’s multi-product matrix.

Read every day to get a chance to draw a card, watch the content of the headline hot list to get a chance to draw a lottery, invite friends to help you can get a chance Saudi Arabia Mobile Number to draw a card, and download the Douyin Express version to get a chance to draw a card.

Saudi Arabia mobile number
Saudi Arabia mobile number

Collect 5 Nianwei cards to share 700 million cash.

Facebook has taken “monthly active users” as its main indicator for external reporting and internal Saudi Arabia Mobile Number operations since its establishment, while MySpace, a veteran social giant, has always taken “registered users” as its main indicator.

In the end, Facebook put MySpace down.

After reading these two cases, what are your intuitive feelings? Case 1 describes an activity and Case 2 specifies the “North Star Metric”.

Data vanity and deep thinking

Since Alipay Jiwufu, as a new “new year custom”, Jiwufu has spent 5 years. During this period, many Internet companies followed up with similar activities. Spending money every year, especially this year. So much so that I can’t remember who did it and what are the highlights. Which is a problem in itself.

The author himself participated in the activities of Toutiao’s annual card, so we will use it to analyze and analyze.

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