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Parents and caregivers are the most important teachers during the first years of a child’s life. Children learn a language by listening to others when they speak, and by practicing. Even young babies notice when other people repeat the noises and sounds they make and respond to them. Children’s brain and language skills are strengthened if they hear many different words. Parents can help their child learn in many ways, such as: By responding to the first sounds, gurgles and gestures that the baby makes. By repeating what the child says and by adding words to it. Talking about the things the child sees. By asking questions and listening to the answers.

When looking at or reading books. By telling stories. By singing songs and making rhymes. This can happen both during playtime and during daily routines. WHAT TO DO IF THERE ARE CONCERNS Some children have trouble understanding and speaking and need help. They may not master language milestones at the same time as other children, and this may be a sign of a speech or language delay or disorder. Language development has different parts, and children may have trouble with one or more of them: Trouble understanding what other people are saying (receptive language).

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This could be because: They do not hear Canada Phone Number They do not understand the meaning of the words. Problems communicating thoughts using language (expressive language). This could be because: They don’t know the words to use. They don’t know how to combine the words. They know the words to use, but they cannot express them. Speech and language disorders can occur together or on their own. Some examples of problems with language and speech development are: speech disorders Difficulty correctly forming specific words or sounds. Difficulty making words or sentences flow smoothly, such as stuttering or stammering.

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Language delay: The ability to understand and speak develops more slowly than usual. language disorders Aphasia (difficulty understanding or speaking parts of language due to brain injury or how the brain works). Auditory processing disorder (difficulty understanding the meaning of sounds that the ear sends to the brain). little task, focus on another, then another, and so on. When you do the same thing every day, you use the same parts of your brain. So challenging your neurons and altering their chemistry by doing something different is a good idea to improve your general well-being and strengthen your social relationships.

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Something as simple as learning a new cooking recipe could give you a pleasant moment and make you forget everything that disturbs you. All achievements deserve recognition and having a successful day is worth celebrating . However, when you accomplish a goal, do your best to acknowledge it. You may not feel like celebrating with a cake, but acknowledging your own achievements can be a very powerful weapon to combat your depressive state. CONNECT WITH FRIENDS AND FAMILY It may not seem like one of the best tips to overcome Depression because of how difficult it is to approach someone when you are depressed, however, it is a very rewarding activity in these situations.

Isolating yourself from the world and from your loved ones may be necessary but it is not a definitive solution, you have to know how to identify the best time to get in touch with those who love and value you. FORGIVE OTHERS Hate and resentment do more harm to the person who experiences these feelings . If you want to overcome your sadness, do not let others have this influence on you. It may have caused you a lot of pain in the past, but allowing this aversion to continue will only make your situation worse. Teachers are also aware of its relevance. 83.9% of those surveyed in a study by the Inclusive Educational Research and Development group (IDEI) of the University of Malaga.

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