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Sometimes a potential customer may interact with a brand multiple times across multiple channels including computers, smartphones and tablets, all at the same time, before eventually becoming our customers. And of course, customers want which channel they contact. The only way for brands to track customer information is through cookies, but that doesn’t mean we should trust and only rely on cookies for everything. This is especially true of  on respecting privacy. and proper authorization is require ( read more about PDPA, Personal Data Protection Act ). Automation is good But using humans to control and analyze is still important. Using human-powere cross-platform analytics is another way for marketers to go on-site and collect some real-world data to understand their customers and compare how automate and real-world data is. in the same direction summarize Of course, data collection, analysis, and deployment are not easy things.

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It has to go through a multi-step process. And must think carefully that the information obtaine is accurate, reliable and does not violate the right of personal data as well As a marketer, you nee to think creatively in order to develop the most effective Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number marketing plan. If you are one of those who are intereste and want to plan your marketing strategy with data, we recommend the ‘Data Analytics for Marketers’ course that will help you plan your str STEPS Academy » Tutorials » Entrepreneur » Decoding Success Loopers, Businesses Using Digital Marketing to Elevate Second-hand Clothing Trading Through Online Channels in Thailand Decode the success of Loopers, a business that uses digital marketing to enhance the online trading of second-hand clothes in Thailand.

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September Social Entrepreneur Facebook Twitter Line In the fast fashion era, dressing up in new clothes according to the trend is something that many people follow. But with awareness of the environment and various resources, Ms. Kate Pichamat Chai-ngam (Chief Executive) Officer), Khun Golf Sarun Siriphatpraprawat (Chief Technology Officer) and Khun Lookkolf Kanathip Sunthornrak (Co-founder) jointly founde Loopers, a business List Provider that helps to bring back the value of use clothes again. When market gaps are business opportunities Loopers Ke saw an opportunity to help second-hand clothes be passe on and use again.

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