BTODigital performance leader obtained the Facebook Blueprint Certification

have advanced cell number database experience in the competencies, tools, advertising policies, and best practices required to purchase ads on Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger. Some facts about the Facebook Blueprint certification Lasts 105 minutes. Scores range from cell number database 300 to 1000. Approval with 700 points. Many questions focus on ROAS (Return on Ad Spend), campaign objectives, bid strategies,

attribution types, conversion interval, and custom audiences and online cell number database conversions. It is valid for one year. This new certification as Facebook Blueprint reaffirms us as one of the leading Digital Marketing cell number database agencies in Colombia , with a trained team that is constantly educated and updated. Official certifications guarantee that Marketing professionals offer better services and that their clients obtain the desired results with truly effective strategies.

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Remember that at BTODigital we are also Google Partners , further proof that we are committed to meeting the requirements to be a company with cell number database suitable personnel that provides valuable services to its customers. In addition, BTODigital in its training list provider role has a cell number database Diploma in Digital Marketing with the EIA University that we also invite you to meet, with professors from the same agency. You can learn more about what it means to be Google Partners in Colombia at BTODigital in the following video.

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