Brand positioning understand how digital marketing can help

Brand positioning is the branding strategy that seeks to occupy a unique place in the minds of the target audience. This passage is inspired by the classic book: positioning: the battle for your mind (m. Books. 2009) . By al ries and jack trout. It talks about the marketing struggle to conquer a privileged space in the consumer’s memory . And really. Just look out the window to see that there is a real war for people’s attention going on out there and it’s up to you to know how to choose the best weapons and develop wise strategies. To bring them to your side. In other words. The success of your company depends on a certain positioning. Think that the focus of this strategy is beyond the product – the target here is consumer perception.

What is brand positioning and how

Okay but how to do this the image of your business in front of your audience needs to be structured. The kick-off can be given by asking yourself: who is my persona? What pains can my brand solve? And the pleasures it can provide? How can i differentiate my business from the Qatar Phone Number List competition? How do i want my brand to be recognized? Having the answer to these questions. The next step is to take it off paper. Develop a strategy to communicate all this. In the most impactful way possible. Putting into practice brand positioning: understand how digital marketing can help at this stage! According to endeavor . There is a conceptual basis to build an attractive positioning for the public. Starting with asking what the market needs.

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Importance of brand positioning

The positioning then should address some questions: who are our target buyers (potential consumer audience)? Which of your problems and needs will we solve? Why is our company the best alternative? The effective structure (parts and focuses) could be: “for those who target customers) need current alternatives we offer object of innovation) that provides ability to solve problems and needs detected) and in a unique way differentials of the proposed innovation) “. Much more attractive to the public. Isn’t it? Important points List Provider about what brand positioning is it only materializes even when your brand intensifies in your customer’s imagination. Brand positioning awakens a cross between values. Feelings. Affective memories and a personality that only your brand has. And that makes the memory be immediate. In the consumer’s mind.

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