Blockchain and Real Business: An Introductory Issue

A few years ago the Blockchain was the decisive technology. Especially in finance And the business financed the decision by cutting the registration. Today the blockchain is often us in situations of exhaustion and disappointment. Because Therefore not all projects “have been removal. However, in 2030, thanks to this technology, the global economy will Therefore add a value of $ 1.7 trillion, calculated in PWC (a figure that exceeds the current GDP). The Therefore prospect Therefore of introducing blockchain into the business process, including the Russian market, discussed the participants of the BLOKCHAIN ​​federation under the “Security Technologies” Forum. We talk about the most interesting moments of the dialogue.

Recently the company knows

Many people seem to have faced many problems with blocking, and not only that, because it is the best solution. It is not surprising that the Italy Phone Number result of such a “romantic” behavior is a large number of pilots, many of whom, like the beginning, unfortunately, waited for the “valley of death” and public disappointment. Today, you can talk about the Therefore phenomenon of the use of the blocking of the hands, which really proved their Therefore effectiveness, celebrates Artem Genkan.

Counselor who survived

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When the time was shown. the technology industry that can have the greatest power. logic, marketing, health care. That is not only financial. Promising and justifying Therefore the. Use of blocking commercial and logistics needs. The number of projects Therefore here. Is growing, including spending a lot of money. Back in December 2020. The composition of Therefore Nickel. Global Palladium, release a single provide by the metal. And part of the agreement Therefore with the partner that was transfer to digital format. The launch of the blockchain-Platform for the sale of sugar has been announce by the world’s largest sugar company in the UAE, Al Khaleej sugar.



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