Between apps the game goes

Let’s make an app!” How many times have you heard that phrase? Well, can I tell you that, from my experience, a few? and when I listen to it, I always think, but are you clear about “why” and “why”? Yes, is it true that we live in an environment where mobility is our day to day? Who Philippines Mobile Database would have thought, forty years ago, that an object like this would become so essential to our daily lives! Think about it: we wake up with the mobile alarm, we look at email from morning to night, we do searches, we share content, we meet our friends, and we even know where they are when they geolocate somewhere? Yes, of course, mobility has become a daily routine.

Mobility has changed the way we act, and this means that our processes have also been affected, both socially and professionally. We are more and more “social” in the sense that we are more and more open and transparent, we believe in collaboration and co-creation, we have more social media profiles that we see as speakers that spread our messages. Philippines Mobile Database

In addition, we are more and more multi-device, and we are not able to live without a mobile phone (do we suffer from ” nomophobia “!)? There is no doubt that mobility is one of the “legs” of this transformation that we are experiencing! But what about companies? What do they think of this transformation? Unfortunately, I have to say that, from my point of view, a great majority of them are not prepared to face it. Yes, there is teleworking and remote devices but? a true Digital Transformation (yes, with capital letters) requires something more …

Digital Transformation goes beyond technology and involves a change in People who are, ultimately, the axis on which companies are based, and of course, in the Values ‚Äč‚Äčthat govern both. Now more than ever, companies have to bet on transparency, accessibility, and community.

The problem is that People have already been transformed but, unfortunately, organizations have not yet? But, let’s face it, what do companies need to achieve this Transformation in a “real” way? It is clear to me: a new way of seeing, managing and even feeling and making the company feel, that is, a NEW CULTURE that is capable of penetrating all areas and that is the basis for achieving change.

I insist on the message: mobility is part of the Brother Cell Phone List long-awaited Digital Transformation. Now, if – as a company – we want to bet on mobility, let’s be mobile and think as such! Let’s make our interlocutor mobile, give them tools, promote their attitudes and skills, and help them generate the engagement that we want to achieve so much?

If companies really want to transform, do they have to take a big step forward and prove it? At this point, I ask you, are you willing for your companies to bet on the Change?

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