B2B customer prospecting how to sell more through digital

You may already be aware of this. But in order to explain how digital can impact sales. We need to contextualize the concept of customer prospecting first. Therefore. Prospecting is present in the sales funnel. That is. The objective of this process is to establish contact with potential customers. After qualifying the leads. This is a step performed by the pre-sales team or sdr. To be more assertive at this stage. You need to define: the company’s ideal customer profile (icp); qualification criteria; an organized list of leads with segmented information; prospecting cadence; roadmap of questions that need to be answered by the lead; crm platform to manage all prospecting and sales. For this we emphasize the importance of having a sales playbook .

After all what is customer prospecting

This is a document that includes the definition of all pre-sales. Sales and post-sales processes. In addition to having support information for your team. Such as training and tips on how to handle Bahamas Phone Number List commercial objections . The goal is to develop the best relationship to ensure customer success and results. Customer prospecting to complete this topic. We highlight the need to understand the difference between active and passive prospecting. The first concerns the seller’s search for a contact with the customer. Here. The professional must have sales techniques to generate a sense of urgency and highlight the pains and demands. Even if the client is not yet fully aware of them. In the second case. The customer waits for the contact.

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The challenges of prospecting B2B customers

Here stimuli are developed. With the help of marketing. So that it establishes communication. This is an important tool to make the business more scalable and profitable. Types of prospecting for active prospecting. There are outbound strategies. Such as cold call. Cold mail. Participation in events and others. In these cases. The salesperson establishes a first contact with the lead. Without him waiting for a call or an email. For example. Leads are defined by building contact lists that match the company’s ideal customer profile. Despite being an effective strategy. It is necessary to have good arguments to overcome objections. Since they are cold contacts.

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