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Therefore, of entertainment. Hospitality of local people. Etc. Therefore, the point of view of recreational geography (one of the young scientific disciplines). Therefore, resources are some artifacts of natural or anthropogenic origin. Which Greece Phone Number a defined recreational tourism value and can be used for the organization of human recreation. Therefore, improvement or cultural enrichment. Where there are no tourism resources. Therefore, cannot develop. Therefore. These areas on our planet are scarce. Therefore, some experts maintain that they do not exist at all.

Therefore, in each part of the planet you can find something interesting and worthwhile for tourists. The degree of development of tourism resources in a specific area is largely determined by its specific characteristics . Therefore, Greece Phone Number are. First of all. Therefore, following characteristics: Resource Attractiveness Accessibility (of transport) Scientific. Cultural and tourist value Potential reserve (capacity) of the resource Landscape and ecological .Therefore, The forms and intensity of resource use CLASSIFICATION OF TOURIST RESOURCES There is a classification proposed by experts that is widely used in modern geography.

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Therefore, distinguishes three categories of tourism resources: Natural tourism resources (climate. Relief. Landscapes. Hydrological objects. Forests. Parks. Beach areas. Protected areas. Natural monuments. Etc. Therefore, and Greece Phone Number resources (architectural structures. Palaces. Fortresses. Museums Historical necropolises. Works of art. Etc.). Socioeconomic or infrastructure resources (hotels. Cafeterias and restaurants. Excursion offices. Camps. Spas. Entertainment complexes. Etc.). Therefore, addition.  Following types of tourism resources are distinguished: Direct resources that are natural.

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Therefore, and cultural objects used directly in the organization of tourist activity. Indirect (additional) resources are the material. Therefore, Labor and information resources that are for the development of direct Greece Phone Number resources. We consider in more detail the basic and most demanded groups of recreational and tourist resources. Namely balneological. Climatic. Landscape. Beach. Therefore, and cultural resources. Therefore, well as events. BALNEOLOGICAL RESOURCES The balneological resources are drinking mineral waters .

Since Greece Phone Number Entertainment

Therefore, mud with natural therapeutic substances. And . Therefore, are used for both treatm and general recovery. Therefore, the best known spa on the planet is the famous Dead Sea. Here the human organism is influenced by three Greece Phone Number factors at once: that of salty sea water the concentration of salts and minerals reaches . Mineral mud and clean air. Therefore, with many healthy substances. CLIMATE RESOURCES Climate is an important aspect for the successful development of dth recreation an tourism economy. In some cases.

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