As A Remedy Step

Google’s recent announcement isn’t the only game-changer in that regard. Apple also announced measures in 2020 to ban third-party cookies in their Safari browser. And the popularity of ad blockers continues to grow. The playing Algeria WhatsApp Number List field of targeted advertising is therefore changing drastically. What should those companies do?

Also, be content Remedy Step

Advertisers currently using third-party data for targeted performance campaigns have three options: 1. Redistribute advertising budgets Companies can shift their investment towards offline channels: TV, DOOH, radio… On a digital level, this could mean a comeback.

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Remedy Step for Contextual Advertising

The advertising message is not tailored to the individual visitor, but to the web page or app in which the message appears. 2. Ignore the shift and stick with Google’s FLoC alternative At the moment it is not yet clear what Google’s FLoC alternative will look like. It is highly uncertain whether targeted advertising will remain possible in the future.

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