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Running similar campaigns for Bumper and TrueView ads allows you to extend your brand reach and reduce ad spend. Pairing the two formats can greatly improve funnel metrics . 7.- Try to be imaginative and original If you want to create the best bumper ads, you have to rack your brain. Create a simple but highly attractive message. It has to be an idea that makes a big impact on the viewer when they see it. Do not cut yourself, the surprising commercials are the ones that leave the most mark. Play with elements that can attract attention, such as music and colors.

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Better a group of ads This type of advertising can be a powerful push that strengthens something bigger. Design series of ads that revolve around the same idea as if they were pieces of a puzzle. Building in series will also allow you to think Uganda Phone Number List of different ways to make an impact. You can use multiple ads to tell a story, or combine them with other formats, like display ads. 9.- Do not forget to comply with the technical recommendations This video modality requires several specifications for its correct reproduction. It is a format design for mobiles, so the recommend resolution ranges from 640px by 360px to 480px by 360px.

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Weight is also important, and the recommende maximum in this case is 1 GB. Remember that it has to be compatible with the usual browsers. Digital video advertising is a powerful tool to create an emotional connection with your potential List Provider customers. Antevenio offers you to advertise through mobile devices, desktop and smart televisions in stock for Europe and America. You can reach your consumers through emotions. Get in touch now and let our expert team help you with your video advertising campaigns. Web positioning: all the keys to improve it may 04 , wording SEO Did you like our article? 5/5 – (4 votes) positioning.

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