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And you, what do you buy online?

A year ago the study of Electronic Commerce in Mexico 2012 was carried out by the Mexican Internet Association (AMIPCI), which measures the magnitude of the sale of products made in Mexico through the Internet. The results of this analysis allow us to have a better perspective on the Cameroon Mobile Number Database evolution of electronic commerce, as well as the opportunities presented by this new sales channel in our country, in order to highlight the achievements and opportunities in the matter in Mexico.

In this study it was detected that with respect to electronic commerce in Mexico last year there was an increase in participants by 31%. Mexico closed 2012 with 45.1 million Internet users, almost 5 million more than in 2011. According to the study Habits of Internet Users in Mexico 2013, the main activity of more than 50% of Mexicans is browsing social networks while 84% search for information. However, a survey carried out by Visa, in conjunction with AMIPCI , in purchases for months without interest registered a growth of 19% compared to 2011; however, discounts and free shipping remain the most requested promotions for online businesses.

An important point to address regarding the increase in online purchases is that recognized and pioneering brands have paid great attention to having profiles on the most influential social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, as well as promoting purchases and offering discounts on them. Also taking into account that they have begun to have more space for advertising. It should be noted that 6 out of 10 Internet users like advertising on social networks, 7% more than in 2012. In addition, 93% of the brands that advertised on the networks did so on Facebook and 5 out of 10 Internet users followed these signatures on social media, just to look for deals.

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In the same way, it was announced that men and women are in the same percentage of purchases, only the age range changes, since the main consumers are young people between 18 and 24 years old. The same AMIPCI study revealed that in 2012, 66% of Mexican Internet users preferred to buy plane and truck tickets, while 37% of consumers preferred to make hotel reservations and payments; thus leaving 34% of people who buy tickets for shows.

Given these results, we find that the promotions that are found have a great influence, for example: months without interest, discounts, free shipping, buy 2 pay 1, in the purchase we give you something or points to frequent customers. 28% of the Phone Number List evaluated Internet users spend between $ 1,000 and $ 3,000 pesos each time they buy online. To take advantage of the great approach to technology, purchases through mobile devices were also evaluated. 47% of Internet users make purchases through their mobile devices. Online shopping has taken a lot of steam thanks to certain factors. In the first place, we have that 53% of buyers prefer to buy online thanks to it saves time, while 51% do so because of the price factor.

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