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And what about Oreo?

According to the site Adweek , since Oreo had a moment special at the Super Bowl, the industry has debated the merits of marketing real-time . And today, when the “real” baby was born, the cookie was at the foot of the canyon with an ad-hoc tweet, while the UAE Phone Number List Duchess was in labor. When it was learned that the child had been born, Oreo posted the following tweet.

More related notes: The most common mistake in the marketing model 3 apps that change the relationship with brands And what about Oreo? long life acrema According to the specialized site, the company would have failed in its viral tweets during the Oscars and other events in recent months. However, today’s post would have surpassed past attempts, with over 600 retweets and 200 favorites.

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Other companies that achieved some results in the micro blogging network today by hanging on the birth of the heir include Coca Cola, Starbucks and Pampers, as mentioned in a recent note from Merca20. In any case, the publication was quite successful according to the reaction of the people, which is absolutely natural, regardless of expectations.

It happens that digital marketing, to a large extent, relies on daily events. The Phone Number List Community Manager cannot be oblivious to the daily routine and although not all brands can link their products with an ad-hoc message, at least they can say ‘present’ as Oreo did Do you think his campaign is so bad? At least part of the industry is marketing still talking about them.

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