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Although at times it is a bit heavy-handed when it comes to our well-being. Current and time-bound Van Hoof describes how working from home works in times of corona. This makes it a current book. The title might suggest a more timeless Czech Republic WhatsApp Number List approach. But the book is very much about a time of forced lockdown amid economic uncertainty.

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For some of us, children are obliged to stay at home during the day. This means that in a few weeks (months?) the book may be somewhat marked by this time. Van Hoof emphasizes that the forced nature of working from home means that not all benefits are experienced. In fact, a researcher writes: For example, if homework is forced on it, it loses its benefits.

Czech Republic WhatsApp Number List
Czech Republic WhatsApp Number List

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Even if it is not voluntary, you have less travel time, more freedom in your work and working hours and you can (even if it is involuntary) mean more at home, I think. If it is an experiment, working from home, I think it is more important to realize that the experiment is not representative of future forms of working from home.

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